About Us

Unnati Pumps Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1985 as a key manufacturer & supplier of Submersible Pumps. We are a major in this field, and bring forth energy-efficient pumps for agricultural, industrial, horticultural, commercial and domestic sectors. We work to provide best pumping solutions to our clients. Our agricultural pumps are engineered for long-lasting performance and very easy maintenance. Also, we keep up with a broad variety of constructions, capacities, types and designs. We are recognized for high quality and superior performance, and meeting the growing global need.

We provide dependable submersible pump sets in diverse varieties. Further, we offer customized pump sets as per your need or application. They find many applications, like sewage pumping, drainage, irrigation, water wells, and slurry pumping etc. Economical and versatile, our monoblock pumps are great for domestic and industrial works. They meet multiple water supply demands.

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